K3b 0.12.17 released
Posted on: 08/23/2006 04:29 PM

K3b 0.12.17 has been released

While working on K3b 1.0 I backported some of the fixes to the stable branch. The result is K3b 0.12.17. Have fun using it.

Here are the changes:

* Fixed saving/loading of the file view configuration.
* Improved ffmpeg autoconf check.
* More FreeBSD Compile fixes (thanks to Heiner Eichmann).
* Fixed symbolic link handling in data projects (a bug introduced in 0.12.16)
* Use UTF-8 encoding to store and load local CDDB entries.
* Never use growisofs parameter -dvd-compat with DVD+RW media.
* Fixed flac audio encoding for the audio project conversion feature.

K3b 0.12.17 released

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