K3b 0.12.11 released
Posted on: 02/15/2006 11:02 AM

K3b 0.12.11 has been released

I have been busy with my diploma thesis so there was not much K3b activity... now it's done and I have the time to release a new K3b version.

I fixed a few things bugging some of you.

Have fun

* Fixed selection in the audio CD ripping window.
* Fixed info block handling in WAVE audio file decoder: no more clicks at the
* Introduced a hack which fixes the "Wav detected as Mpeg file" bug.
* Fixed Auto multisession mode for DVD+RW and DVD-RW in restricted overwrite mode in case a previous session was imported.
* Fixed a crash with HAL gt;= 0.5 when exiting K3b.
* Allow copying of double layer DVDs with a size below 4.3 GB to single layer
* Support for the ring buffer in growisofs 6.0.
* Use .iso extension for images instead of .img
* Properly remove the image file in case verification failed.
* Ignore mounting state of a medium when showing its contents.
* Fixed a bug in the iso options code which sometimes resulted in a failed
* Properly handle cue files withan image file name like image.bin.cue +
* Write a proper Xing header when encoding VBR mp3 files.

K3b 0.12.11 released

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