Java-GNOME 2.9.90 (2.10 Beta1)
Posted on: 01/25/2005 11:39 AM

The Java-GNOME team is pleased to announce the release of Java-GNOME 2.9.90 which is our first beta release for 2.10.

This release has focused on fixing reported bugs and improving the build system. You can find source tarballs for each of the modules on GNOME ftp.

libgtk-java 2.5.90:
bindings for glib, atk, pango, gdk, gdk-pixbuf, and gtk

libgnome-java 2.9.90:
bindings for libgnome, libgnomeui, and libgnomecanvas

libglade-java 2.9.90:
bindings for libglade

libgconf-java 2.9.90:
bindings for gconf

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