Java-Gnome 2.5.6 (beta 1)
Posted on: 03/05/2004 03:00 PM

Java-Gnome provides Java libraries for creating GTK+ and GNOME applications using the Java programming language. This is a truly free graphical system for Java, including support for glade, a GUI building tool; for GNOME application developers, it provides a convenient object orientated API without any worries of memory management.

2.5.6 release (2.6 beta 1)

Java-GNOME is now API Frozen. We have roughly one month to find and fix bugs, improve example applications and work on documentation. If you have been interested in trying out java-gnome, now is an ideal time - please try out our example apps and send us your feedback. We always try to help java-gnome newbies in whatever way we can. If you are experienced with GNU make tools, particularly with gcj/java,
we need you help - please email for details.

Changes since 2.5.5:
- New Classes:
gtk.event.CellEditableEvent [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.ColorSelectionEvent [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.ExpanderEvent [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.TreeModelEvent [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.UIManagerEvent [Jeffrey Morgan]
-New Interfaces:
gtk.event.CellEditableListener [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.ColorSelectionListener [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.ExpanderListener [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.TreeModelListener [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.TreeViewListener [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.event.UIManagerListener [Jeffrey Morgan]
- Updated Classes:
gdk.Pixmap - Changed constructor to take a Drawable instead of a Window [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.AccelMap - added API: [Jeffrey Morgan]
added lockPath and unlockPath methods
added getAccelMap method
gtk.ActionGroup - fixed bug when adding RadioActionEntrys to ActionGroup [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.Adjustment - added changed event [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.CellEditable - added missing methods and events [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.CellRenderer - changed from abstract to concrete class [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.Clipboard - added API: [Luca De Rugeriis]
added get method
added getForDisplay method
added getDisplay method
added getContents method
added isTextAvailable method
gtk.ColorSelection - added color_changed event [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.ComboBox - added popup and popdown methods [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.Expander - added activate event [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.ListStore - updated native layer and added missing methods [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.RadioButton - fixed problems with constructors [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.RadioMenuItem - added two new constructors to create from existing widgets. [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.SelectionData - added missing methods and access to properties [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.TreeModel - updated native layer and added events. [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.TreePath - added appendIndex, prependIndex, and getIndices methods [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.TreeSelection - added missing methods [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.TreeStore - updated native layer and added several missing methods [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.TreeView - updated native layer, added many method, added events [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.TreeViewColumn - added missing methods [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.TreeViewEvent - added support for TreeView events.
gtk.UIManager - added API: [Jefffrey Morgan]
added getToplevels method
added all event handling
gtk.Window - added API: [Jeffrey Morgan]
added get/setDefaultIconList methods
added listToplevelWindows method
added setDefaultIcon method
added get/setAcceptFocus methods
gtk.event.Adjustment added CHANGED event Type [Jeffrey Morgan]
gtk.TreeIter - Added reference to treeModel; moved some methods from
TreeModel to TreeIter [Mark Howard]
gtk.TreeViewColumn: [Mark Howard]
changed setSortColumnID(int) to setSortColumn(DataColumn)
removed int getSortColumnID()
added API for focusCell(CellRenderer)
gtk.SimpleList: [Mark Howard]
added String[] getSelected()
added String[] getEntries()
gtk.event.LifeCycleListener [Mark Howard]
added boolean lifeCycleQuery(LifeCycleEvent) to handle delete and
destroy events. Modified gtk.Widget to use this.
- Renamed DataBlock* classes to DataColumn* [Jeffrey Morgan]
- Other
Added fallback brute force locate for gcj.jar if usual locations fail [Mark Howard]

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