Java-GNOME 2.10.0
Posted on: 03/08/2005 07:07 AM

Java-GNOME 2.10.0 has been released:

libgnome-java-2.10.0, libglade-java-2.10.0, and libgconf-java-2.10.0 are available for download at:

These packages combinded with libgtk-java-2.6.0 make up our official Java-GNOME 2.10 release.

There have been numerous changes compared to our 2.8.x releases. The major changes are:

* Support for all API changes in upstream libraries.
* Support for 64-bit platforms
* Performance enhancements in our callback process
* Numerous bug fixes

About Java-GNOME
Java-GNOME is a collection of Java language bindings for the GNOME Desktop Environment. They provide a high-level, object oriented API allowing developers to quickly build desktop applications. When combined with gcj and eclipse they deliver a very compelling GNOME development environment.

To learn more about Java-GNOME and the additional bindings we provide please visit our web site at:

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