ispCP 1.0.6 Security: Backup Restore Manager
Posted on: 08/29/2010 06:34 PM

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the Backup/Restore manager of ispCP

Today another critical security issue has been found. All ispCP Omega versions are effected.
It is possible to use the ispCP Client Backup Manager to restore forged backups and - in worst case - gain control over the server system.

We strongly recommend to fix the described security issue by disabling the backup restore routine. For this open the ispcp-dmn-mngr in /var/www/ispcp/engine/ and search for

sub dmn_restore_data {

exit 1;

directly in the next line.

We try to deliver a patch as fast as possible. You can follow the status in ticket: 2440

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Additionally, the phpMyAdmin version that ships with ispCP Omega 1.0.6 have several serious XSS vulnerabilities. To upgrade to the latest version of phpMyAdmin:

cp /var/www/ispcp/gui/tools/pma/ ~/
aptitude update && aptitude install subversion -R
svn export /var/www/ispcp/gui/tools/pma
cp ~/ /var/www/ispcp/gui/tools/pma/
sh /var/www/ispcp/engine/setup/

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