Irksu 0.2.0
Posted on: 03/10/2005 08:57 AM

Irksu 0.2.0 has been released:

Irksu is a group chat program that works in the Internet Relay Chat networks. It is, however, not exactly yet another IRC client. See below for explanation.


Release 0.2.0 introduces a bunch of fixes and enhancements. All of this is very new of course, so expect problems.


The number one design principle for Irksu has been usability. The interface should be simple enough even for the casual user to understand. If it is not, send me a bug report.

Irksu is built on the DBus messaging system, and can not operate on its own. It requires a service provider that complies with the DBus-IRC specification (unofficial stuff). Currently, there is exactly one of those available, but hopefully someone will write a better one soon (hint, hint).

Basically, the DBus-IRC is about transferring the IRC protocol through the bus. The protocol is somewhat simplified in the process, and in some aspects it is not even strictly compatible with the IRC protocol. The corner-cutting is mainly inspired by attempts to make it simpler to implement an UI for chatting (and allowing some of the IRC nonsense to be forgotten completely). This does gear the pressure to the service program, but since it could simply be a plugin for an existing IRC framework, creating a reasonable service program should not be too difficult (hint, hint, part II)

Where to get it

The home pages hold more information (and screen shots!) and should be visited before attempting to test Irksu:

The source:

Bug reports, successful runs, information

For any of the above, contact me at

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