Intrusion on (Update)
Posted on: 03/24/2004 05:51 AM

An updated has been posted on the GNOME mailing list:

A quick status update on the situation:

* No additional damage has been discovered; at the current time we are cautiously hopeful that the compromise was limited in scope.

* is back on now that we have additional confidence in the integrity of the tarballs.

* We've now restored a number of services running on a replacement machine

- Websites including, and are back up in limited service; dynamic content is still off so some parts may be inaccessible.

- is again providing all your favorite blogs and gossip.

- Bugzilla is in testing mode; we hope to restore general access in the next day.

Thanks for your patience; we'll continue to provide updates as we move back to fully operational status.

The GNOME sysadmin team
24 March 2004

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