Introducing the LinuxInstall Distribution
Posted on: 06/18/2003 10:00 AM

OSNews has posted an article on LinuxInstall

And so my adventure began. I got my feet wet by trying Knoppix in my hard drive. My inital reaction was excitement - "hey I'm doing it, and I like what I see" - only problem was I couldn't get connected to the internet, also when I installed it to my hard drive after a trying learning experience, I found it morphed into a pseudo-Debian without aptget, automounted cd drives or some of the other niceties of Knoppix.

Next I tried JAMD 0.5 - A take off on Redhat 8 aimed at the beginner. Easy install, one disk and good package selection for a home user like myself. Now I'm up to my knees in the water of Linux - starting to learn, But I still couldn't get connected with my winmodem, there was no driver available to support my modem with the Linux kernel used with Jamd.

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