Installing Debian GNU/Linux on the Rebel NetWinder 3100/3300
Posted on: 03/18/2003 06:47 PM

LinuxOrbit has posted a HOWTO about installing Debian GNU/Linux on the Rebel NetWinder 3100/3300

Recently gave me a Rebel NetWinder 3100 to try and install Debian Gnu/Linux on, this is the HOWTO explaining how it was done. The HOWTO ended up taking much longer than I intended it to, but it might have worked out for the better as I ran into some problems using it over a longer period of time that I wouldn't have explained if I had finished it sooner. The NetWinder 3100 is a newer model of the NetWinder from the now defunct corporation, who made NetWinder's (mostly based on ARM architecture) which ran Linux for use as gateways and light-load servers for the home or small office.

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