How to sync Microsoft OneDrive on Linux
Posted on: 06/23/2014 10:10 AM

Xmodulo shows you how to sync Microsoft OneDrive on Linux

How to sync Microsoft OneDrive on Linux

OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive) is a popular cloud storage offering from Microsoft. Currently OneDrive offers 7GB free storage for every new signup. As you can imagine, OneDrive is well integrated with other Microsoft software products. Microsoft also offers a standalone OneDrive client which automatically backs up pictures and videos taken by a camera to OneDrive storage. But guess what. This client is available for all major PC/mobile platforms except Linux. "OneDrive on any device, any time"? Well, it is not there, yet.

Don't get disappointed. The open-source community already has already come up with a solution for you. onedrive-d written by a Boilermaker in Lafayette can get the job done. Running as a monitoring daemon, onedrive-d can automatic sync a local folder with OneDrive cloud storage.

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