How to set up Open WebMail in CentOS
Posted on: 03/14/2014 11:17 AM

Xmodulo shows you how to set up Open WebMail in CentOS

How to set up Open WebMail in CentOS

Webmail interface is one of must-have services for any mail server. Most of us are used to native email client software, but what if your favorite client software is not available for any reason? For example, you have left your laptop at home, or your phone's data plan just went dry, or maybe you are just travelling. An alternative way to access a mail service in such cases would be to use the webmail interface of your mail server. As long as there is web browser with Internet connectivity, you should be able to use the webmail interface.

Open WebMail is a lightweight, open-source webmail for Linux. The interface may be a bit old school, but Open WebMail provides the following features.

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