How to remove file metadata on Linux
Posted on: 08/11/2014 08:19 AM

Xmodulo shows you how to remove file metadata on Linux

How to remove file metadata on Linux

A typical data file often has associated "metadata" which is descriptive information about the file, represented in the form of a set of name-value pairs. Common metadata include creator's name, tools used to generate the file, file creation/update date, location of creation, editing history, etc. EXIF (images), RDF (web resources), DOI (digital documents) are some of popular metadata standards.

While metadata has its own merits in data management fields, it can actually affect your privacy adversely. EXIF data in photo images can reveal personally identifiable information such as your camera model, GPS coordinate of shooting, your favorite photo editor software, etc. Metadata in documents and spreadsheets contain author/affiliation information and other editing history. Not to be paranoid, but metadata gathering tools such as metagoofil are often exploited during information gathering stage as part of penetration testing.

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