How To Install & Run ChromiumOS Inside Ubuntu
Posted on: 11/23/2012 09:27 AM

MakeUseOf shows you how to install and run ChromiumOS inside Ubuntu

How To Install & Run ChromiumOS Inside Ubuntu

Try out ChromiumOS inside Ubuntu. Whether you want to start a separate Chromium session or run Google’s netbook operating system inside a window, a new third-party package makes the process simple.

If you mostly use your computer to access the web, ChromeOS might be right for you. For the unfamiliar, ChromeOS is Google’s operating system for Chromebooks. It’s an entire operating system built around the browser and it’s focused on running web apps. ChromiumOS is the open-source version of that operating system, meaning it’s freely available. I’ve shown you how to install ChromiumOS on your netbook with Lime, but hardware supported is limited.

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