How to Install MongoDB from Source (and using YUM) on Linux
Posted on: 01/21/2013 02:01 PM

The Geek Stuff posted a tutorial about setting up MongoDB from Source on Linux

How to Install MongoDB from Source (and using YUM) on Linux

The name MongoDB was derived from Humongous DB.

It is an open source NoSQL database. MongoDB is developed and commercially supported by the company 10gen.

The focus of the MongoDB is on scalability and performance. MongoDB is a schema-free document-oriented database. This stores data as JSON objects. Unlike traditional SQL database, you don’t need to define a schema. The schema is embedded in the data document itself, making it easy for you to change the schema at anytime without worrying about changing any of the previous documents that are loaded. High performance and scalability are possible because there are no joins, and no multi-document transactions performed on MongoDB. This also provides replication across servers with the ability to fail-over automatically. You can also scale across servers for high availability.

This article is the 1st part in a series of articles on MongoDB.

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