How to Install Apache Solr with Tomcat on Linux
Posted on: 04/12/2013 08:00 PM

The Geek Stuff shows you how to install Apache Solr with Tomcat on Linux

How to Install Apache Solr with Tomcat on Linux

Apache Solr is an open source text search server. It is based on the Apache Lucene search libraries. Solr does full-text search, highlight the hits, near real-time indexing.

It has an extremely scalable search infrastructure that provides replication, load-balanced search query, and automatic failover. This can get the input data that needs to be indexed for searching from various sources including information from a database. You can use HTTP/XML, JASON APIs provided by Apache Solr and write application code in any programming language.

The Apache Solr search server is written in Java. So, it needs a servlet container in the backend to run. By default, when you install Apache Solr, it comes with Jetty as the servlet container that you can use to run some examples.

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