How to install and Secure a BSD system
Posted on: 09/22/2003 02:52 AM

LITTLEWHITEDOG has posted a new guide, outlining in great detail How to install and Secure a BSD system.

I once wrote up an article on installing and securing the FreeBSD operating system. However, in that article I was unable to go in-depth into the various ways I might have configured certain parts of the operating system without compromising security to the website. So this is my gift to the community that has greatly supported me throughout the past years. And I hope that you find it somewhat educational or stimulating. You do not need to be running a FreeBSD operating system to follow this document. I recommend all users of all distributions read this article just for something to learn. I highly suggest reading though this article a couple times before attempting this on your own servers and if any damage or data loss occurs I am not responsible. You have been warned.

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