How to clone virtual machines in KVM - tutorial
Posted on: 11/06/2012 10:06 AM

Dedoimedo published a tutorial on KVM

How to clone virtual machines in KVM - tutorial

No, this is not another generic howto on using virt-clone. While virt-clone is a rather useful tool for creating duplicates of your virtual machines, in its current configuration, it will only assign unique ID and MAC address to your cloned system, forcing you to perform additional tweaks and customizations once the the clone boots. This means you might have to meddle quite a bit, which is not what you want.

All right, I will show you a different way of creating identical copies of your virtual machines in KVM technology, with unique per-host information so that any number of duplicates become individual hosts on your network. In other words, install once and then create as many instances of the guest as you need, each with its own hostname, MAC address, IP address and such. Fully scriptable and all that. So please follow me.

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