hk_classes & knoda 0.7.4-test1 released - knoda meets MS-Access
Posted on: 04/25/2005 03:39 PM

hk_classes knoda 0.7.4-test1 are now available:

I released a new test version of Knoda. With this release Knoda is the first KDE database frontend reading MS Access databases natively and is getting closer to its goal to be a full replacement for MS Access. Knoda is a database-frontend for KDE. Besides tables and queries Knoda comprises forms and reports, which are scriptable via Python.

The main new features are:

* A driver for MS Access based on Mdbtools (
Due to technical restrictions of Mdbtools, the mdb driver is read-only. It is strongly recommended to use the latest CVS version of Mdbtools.

* A driver for dbase compatible databases based on xbase

* A dialog box to exchange your data between the database backends. (See the menu entries 'Export' and 'Import' in the 'File' menu). It is easily possible to copy your data e.g. from Mysql to Postgres and vice versa.

To use the xbase driver install the original Dbase/Xbase library first, and then the XBSQL library at .
This version of the XBSQL package is compatible to other versions, I just added some bugfixes and support for the boolean field type.

Please send bugreports, feature requests or comments as usual to or to the mailing list



You can find the software at and

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