Hardware Monitor applet 1.1 released
Posted on: 07/10/2004 10:58 AM

Hardware Monitor applet 1.1 has been released

The theme of this version is less clutter and less non-sense. I've made the applet determine the update interval and no. of samples automatically. Hopefully, this will make it easier to use the applet. And harder to get non-sensical setups which tend to produce bug reports that are difficult to deal with. :-)

What's new:

- The monitored devices now automatically choose an appropriate update interval.

- The frame around the applet has been removed.

- Preferences clean-up.

- The max. measured device value is now saved between sessions, and not decreased during periods of inactivity.

- Nice value is now set to 5 instead of 10.

- Some translation updates.

- Various bugfixes which I've already forgotten about.

- monitor CPU/memory/swap/disk usage, load average, Ethernet/modem/wireless throughput, internal temperatures, internal fan speeds

- multiple views that all support multiple monitors:

- a curve view with smooth lines
- a bar view with wacky horizontal bars
- a column view with ultra-clear vertical blocks
- a text view for those who want extreme precision
- a flame view to impress your friends

- a modular design for future enhancements

- well-behaved GNOME panel applet (no floating gkrellm windows)

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