gyrus 0.3.4
Posted on: 08/26/2005 04:12 AM

Gyrus is a tool for the administration of mailboxes in IMAP/Cyrus servers. It is designed for fitting in the GNOME Desktop. It is free software, so you are free and encouraged to copy it and distribute it.

More information and other versions of gyrus can be found in its web site:

Bug reports about this or other versions can be sent to GNOME Bugzilla, under the module 'gyrus'.


Gyrus version 0.3.4 is now released and ready for download at:

This is the fifth release of the development series looking for 0.4.0. Its major new features is the support for the creation of printable reports of users with exceeded quota, and the support for servers using the UNIX hierarchy separator character.

New Features:
* Allows to create printable reports of users with quota exceeded (Alejandro Valdas).
* Added support for [ALERT] server responses.
* Added support for servers using the UNIX mailbox hierarchy separator instead of the netnews separator character.

* Updated tarnslations (en_CA, es).
* New translations (uk).

Bug fixes:
* #308422. Check if iter is set correctly (Juan Carlos Inostroza).
* #305197. Do not hang when server uses [ALERT] responses.

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