gucharmap 1.4.0
Posted on: 03/23/2004 09:22 AM

gucharmap 1.4.0 has been released

gucharmap is a Unicode character map. It uses the gtk+ toolkit and runs on any platform that gtk+ supports.

Changes since 1.2.0

- View by script as well as by Unicode block.
- New documentation in the following languages: de es fr it ja ko sv zh_CN zh_HK zh_TW
- English documentation improved and updated.
- Search modified to look in CJK ideograph definitions as well as character names. Search heuristic also improved in other areas.
- Bothersome gucharmap input method removed.
- Many user interface improvements.
- Much code reorganized.
- New and updated translations: ar az bn ca cs cy da de el en_CA en_GB es fa fi fr ga hi id it ja ko lt mn ms nl no pa pl pt pt_BR sk sq sr sr@Latn sv th uk zh_CN


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