gtkmm 2.3.6 and glibmm 2.3.7
Posted on: 03/15/2004 10:29 AM

gtkmm 2.3.6 and glibmm 2.3.7 has been released:

*** Special notes:

The API is now frozen. Only incredibly important API changes will be allowed before the final fully-frozen gtkmm 2.4.0 release on April 5th.

*** gtkmm and glibmm 2.4:

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. The 2.3.x tarballs are the unstable development series that will become the stable gtkmm 2.4. gtkmm 2.3/2.4 will wrap any additional API in GTK+ 2.4. glibmm is now a separate module, for use in
non-GUI software.

gtkmm 2.3/2.4 installs in parallel with gtkmm 2.2, so you can install this unstable library without the risk of breaking existing applications. This allows us to break ABI and API, though we will try not to break API unless it is absolutely necessary.

We recommend the use of jhbuild or garnome for testing in a separate prefix.

The stable (API/ABI-frozen) gtkmm 2.4.0 will be released soon after GTK+ 2.4.0. gtkmm is on the official GNOME Platform Bindings release schedule:

*** Changes

glibmm 2.3.7:

* Added configure macros to detect SUN compiler oddities.
* Various SUN Forte C+ and g++ 3.4 (cvs) build fixes.
(Murray Cumming)
* gmmproc: Improved parsing of C docs.
(Hagen Moebius)

gtkmm 2.3.6:

* Build fixes:
- Partial Sun Forte C++ build fixes.
(Murray Cumming, Michael v.Szombathely)
- gcc 3.4 (cvs) build fixes
(Murray Cumming, Matthew Tuck)
- win32 (cygwin) build fixes:
(Cedric Gustin)
- Doxygen is, again, not required when building from tarballs.
(Murray Cumming)

* Gtk: RadioButton, RadioMenuItem: Added group_changed signal.
(Murray Cumming)

* Documentation:
_Lots_ of added, and improved reference documentation.
(Hagen Moebius)

*** Download

You will need libsigc++ 2, available here:

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