gtk-engines 2.8.0
Posted on: 09/08/2006 08:21 AM

gtk-engines 2.8.0 has been released

gtk-engines provides a central location for commonly used GTK+ engines. It currently supplies several engines and default themes for those which have one.

About this release
The gtk-engines team is happy to announce the release of gtk-engines 2.8.0. With this release, all the included gtk-engines[1] are now using the advanced rendering of the cairo graphics library to provide smoother and more scalable drawing. This has also enabled many of the engines have significant visual refinements as well. Other notable features in this release include the use of a shared code library between the engines, and pedantic error checking to ensure stability and compatibility.

The engines and themes provided by this library are: Clearlooks, Crux, HighContrast, Industrial, Mist, Redmond, Glide, Smooth, ThinIce.

Many thanks to the gtk-engines team for their hard work and persistence during the run up to this release.

-- Benjamin Berg Andrew Johnson, Richard Stellingwerf, Thomas Wood --

[1] With the exception of the Smooth engine. This beast was too big to tame.


4969fb9126fc85e9181a71a65eb1d30b gtk-engines-2.8.0.tar.bz2
400d841b7146f1ea3a2bfc47e23f64d2 gtk-engines-2.8.0.tar.gz

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