gtk-engines 2.11.0
Posted on: 05/14/2007 08:57 PM

gtk-engines provides a central location for commonly used GTK+ engines. It currently supplies several engines and default themes for those which have one.


This is an unstable development release, so there are certainly plenty of bugs remaining to be found. This release should not be used in production environments.

Overview of Changes in 2.11.0 (since 2.10.1)

Hilights in this release include:
- Several improvements to the Redmond theme
- A lot of changes to standard Clearlooks and the Glossy style
- New Gummy style added by Andrea Cimitan

Fixed bugs in this release:
Bug 429988 - Redmond: CombBox should appear as list
Bug 430012 - Redmond: Tabs are not drawn correctly
Bug 429761 - Redmond: The radio's diameter is too big
Bug 429730 - Redmond engine draws radio buttons wrong
Bug 428772 - Unnecessary cast breaks build on Solaris
Bug 427265 - Clearlooks: invisible resize handle in RTL

New Translations:
Gintautas Miliauskas (lt)
Subhransu Behera (or)
Yannig MARCHEGAY (oc)


24721f367601c54d980ded099a185594 gtk-engines-2.11.0.tar.bz2
d5c2bf72f2b8afc278c85e411156b72b gtk-engines-2.11.0.tar.gz

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