gThumb 2.10.5 (stable) released
Posted on: 06/26/2007 05:29 PM

gThumb is an Image Viewer and Browser.

gThumb 2.10.5 is now available for download at:


This is a bug-fix-only release for the stable branch. A serious bug that prevented saving after image touch-ups (changing brightness, contrast,
etc) was corrected.

All bug fixes in 2.10.5

Fixed bug #448644 - Image brightness-contrast doesn't trigger save-ability.

Fixed bug #450110 - Remove extra space that causes build error.


2.10.x is the current stable branch of gThumb.

Earlier versions are obsolete. Active distros that still use 2.7.x (ahem, FC6) should upgrade immediately to 2.8.1, which is the stable termination of the unstable 2.7.x series. There are no UI changes between 2.7.9 and 2.8.1. No further bug fixes are going into 2.8.x.

Development is happening in trunk and the metadata-ideas branch. No releases have been made yet from the development code.

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