GQ LDAP client 1.1.1 (unstable)
Posted on: 09/03/2006 08:39 AM

GQ LDAP client 1.1.1 (unstable) has been released

GQ is a GTK based LDAP client.

Features include:
* LDAP browser
* LDAP V3 Schema browser
* Template builder
* Export subtree or whole server to LDIF
* Use any number of servers
* Search based on single argument or LDAP filter
* Edit and delete entries
* Add entries using an existing entry, or based on your own template
* Supports LDAP syntaxes and special attributes by presenting them in a custom way. Currently there are custom "displaytypes" for jpegPhoto, userPassword and X509 certificates and CRLs.

GQ 1.1.1
GQ 1.1.1 is the unstable result of the latest development. It's supposed to result in a stable release in September. Changes since 1.1.0:

New features for the end user
* support password hashing even without libcrypto (using libgcrypt now)
* fixed the menu item to actually appear in the GNOME menu
* time selection works with negative time zone offsets (bug 1548780)
* GQ doesn't use GCRYPT_LIBS as it should (bug 1551071) Improvements to internal structures
* removed lots of dead code
* moved more code into the generic tree interface
* removed all custom type implementations, use GObject


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