gperfmeter (gnome-perfmeter) v2.0.24 [stable]
Posted on: 11/11/2004 03:19 PM

Gperfmeter (gnome-perfmeter) monitors the performance of a system and displays a dynamic, graphical overview of how the system is performing. The application displays strip charts and bar charts to represent system performance for the main performance parameters.

This release is so that there is an official distribution tarball for the possible inclusion of gnome-perfmeter in the JDS release for Solaris 10.

Note that gperfmeter needs the rpc.rstatd daemon to be running on the system it's monitoring for it to work correctly. This is automatically available on Solaris systems. I've had alternative experiences on other various UNIX/Linux systems. There are also several alternate applications that provide the same functionality for the Linux platform.

Changes since the last gperfmeter version (2.0.0) - latest changes listed first:

* Fixed bug #94767. There were problems with the way that gperfmeter tried to inform the user when a remotely monitored host could no longer be displayed.

* Fixed bug #124561. GtkItemFactory has been deprecated. Removed the GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag.

* Fixed bug #122784. The -v, --version and --help output messages are now properly localized.

* Fixed bug #111034. The gperfmeter property sheet now uses a GtkCombo widget to contain the list of remote hostnames. Also the remote hostnames are stored as gconf resources with keys of "HostName0" to "HostName9" rather than a comma separated list keyed on "HostName".

* Fixed bug #118319. If you make changes to a running gperfmeter, then this should reconfigure any other instances of gperfmeter that are running.
Only the current one should be affected, and the gconf preferences should be saved away, so that any new instances of gperfmeter that are started will automatically pick them up.

* Added a test in DrawGraph to prevent Gdk-CRITICAL assertions occuring because a GC was NULL when a new meter was displayed for the first time.

* Code cleanup. Removed some more unwanted code after the recent UI rewrite.

* Fixed bug #117125. Gperfmeter now has a sane minimum size. This is dependant upon whether the menubar is being shown, and the width of the largest chart label.

* Removed unwanted variables and fixed up numerous warning messages reported by lint.

* All the meters are now created the same size.

* Fixed up a SEGV in PmSaveResources when DEBUG was turned on.

* Remove a spurious couple of lines of debug left in gnome-perfmeter.c

* Major UI gperfmeter rewrite:
- Removed the single canvas DrawingArea.
- Created a gnome-perfmeter custom Gtk widget that consists of two Labels
(meter_type and maxval), the DrawingArea for the chart and horizontal and vertical separators that are shown if this isn't the first meter.
- Removed and/or simplified a lot of the code related to the drawing of these meters.

* Fixed bug #110563. gperfmeter no longer crashes for bar chart format in Xinerama mode.

* More work on bug #112667. Fixups to provide working alternate for platforms that don't have system calls such as setnetconfig.

* Fixed bug #112667. Changed from transport specific to transport independent and now it accepts IPv6 addresses also.

* Forced gperfmeter build to be Gtk2 compliant

* Removed the in the top-level directory to avoid any further confusion.

* Removed the HostsEntryCB and LogFileEntryCB signal callbacks in .../src/ as they did nothing.

* Fixed bug #110793 (
Gperfmeter now remembers it's last position and size and uses those values when restarting.

* More code cleanup:
- Removed the #ifdef FIX"'s from .../src/data.c. They aren't been used and there is no history to say why they are here (note they were also in the original sdtperfmeter code too in the same way).
- Removed empty functions (and there setting if they are callbacks), such as: LogFileEntryCB and HostsEntryCB.
- Removed all calls to PmStringCreateLocalized, making sure the string is surronded by _().
- Fixed up numerous lint warnings.
- Removed X11 specific calls where possible.

* Cleaned up .../src/resources.c and src/access/*.[c,h]:
- Removed all tabs and some of the code that is commented out and/or not needed.
- Provided consistent indentation.

* Cleaned up more of the code:
- Removed all tabs and some of the code that is commented out and/or not needed.
- Provided consistent indentation.

* Fixed Bugzilla bug #94770. The host name being monitored is now displayed in the titlebar (or "localhost" when monitoring the local host).

* Fixed Bugzilla bug #110863. Adjusted various long and short descriptions in to make their capitalisation consistent. Plus "autoLoadByHost" becomes "AutoLoadByHost".

* Fixed Bugzilla bug #93956. No longer need to press Return for new threshold values to take place in the preferences window.

* Fixed Bugzilla bug #100015. Added double quotes (and semi-colon) to make two schemas long messages easier to understand.

* Removed "#ifdef FIXUP" entries and unwanted commented out code.

* Removed "#ifdef APPLET" entries and unwanted commented out code.

* Removed calls to PmResetDecor().


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