gob2 2.0.13
Posted on: 12/16/2005 11:50 PM

gob2 2.0.13 has been released

Yet again it's been quite long since a release and a number of patches accumulated over that time, so here goes.

So what is this gob thing? Well besides being the cure for cancer, it also generates GObjects (or GTK+ objects). GOB2 is a replacement for the version 1 GOB, that was for GTK+ 1.x mostly. GOB2 can handle pretty much most of the GObject features. At least most of the ones that anyone will ever use. It only requires GLib 2.0 and can generate arbitrary GObjects. You can have both versions installed at the same time if you wish, but if anyone is still using gob version 1 and GTK+ 1.x, they should get their head examined.

gob2 2.0.13

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