gnopernicus 0.9.7
Posted on: 07/30/2004 03:02 PM

Version 0.9.7 of gnopernicus, the screen reader for the GNOME desktop, has been released

gnopernicus is designed to allow blind and visually impaired user to use the computer. gnopernicus presents the information using three devices: speech, magnifier and braille.

* What's new in 0.9.7 ?

* Improve presentation for sliders.
* Presentation for a watched object is not interrupted anymore by the presentation for focus tracking.

* Generate a beep instead of exiting in case of failure to register a listener for an event.

* Change values for rate and pitch for voice from percents to absolute values (including minimum and maximum in UI.

* Make brlmon to act as a panel (do not let other window to overlap it).

* Make zoom factor x and y floats from int.

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