gnopernicus 0.9.1
Posted on: 05/01/2004 03:21 AM

Version 0.9.1 of gnopernicus, the screen reader for GNOME desktop, has been released.

gnopernicus is designed to allow blind and visually impaired user to use the computer. gnopernicus presents the information using three devices: speech, magnifier and braille.

* What's new in 0.9.1 ?
* Do not report window events for popup menus.
* Convert caret-moved events into focus events only if the object has a focused ancestor.

* Real support for mouse and focus traking modes in other language, the change of the current option will take effect now).
* Fix some broken help pages.

* Allow magnifier to magnify a region of interest that intersect magnifier region if they belong to different screen (source and target differ).

* "describe my surroundings" will not present names of current window and application.
* "window hierarchy flat" is now called "read whole window".
* Object roles are now translated.

* Update Canadian English, Czech, British English, Polish, Catalan, Dutch.


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