GNOME War Pad 0.3.6
Posted on: 03/01/2005 04:06 PM

GNOME War Pad 0.3.6 has been released

A 'VGA Planets' client for the GNOME platform. VGA Planets is a turn-based space strategy game that can be played by 11 players at once. This game is being played since Fidonet times, and have lots of fans that still play on those old DOS clients, it's time for a GNU/Linux one :-)

* Feature: Added variables to store host configuration info on the game state manager.
* Feature: Added sensors sweep area to "scanner area" feature in a lughter blue color.
* Feature: New plugin! the Quark plugin is being written to help the player on maximizing the money and resources extraction on every planet. Thanks to Cristian!
* Feature: Starchart now can be controlled from plugins (in a veeery basic way).
* Feature: Several enhancements on GwpGameState, including being exported to Python scripts.
* Feature: Now plugins can use GWP's UI slots to integrate their own piece of UI in the main window.
* Feature: New plugin 'NotificationArea', to allow other plugins to publish their own alerts to the user. Added some utility methods to PluginManager to get reference of active plugins, check plugin states, etc.
* Feature: Enhancements on the signal notification system between plugins.
* Feature: Finder plugin enhancements! many ways to search through planets and ships. Thanks Nicolas!

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