gnome-vfs-obexftp 0.3
Posted on: 06/14/2007 04:03 PM

gnome-vfs-obexftp allows you to access the file systems of most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones from applications that use gnome-vfs. In particular, users can manipulate files on the phone from Nautilus.

The 0.3 release can now be downloaded from:

The major changes in this release are:

* Sync osso-gwobex and osso-gnome-vfs-extras changes from Maemo Subversion.

* Instead of asking hcid to set up the RFCOMM device for communication, use an RFCOMM socket directly. This is both faster and doesn't require enabling experimental hcid interfaces. Based on work from Bastien Nocera.

* Improve free space calculation for Nokia phones with multiple memory types (e.g. phone memory and a memory card). Now the free space for the correct memory type for a given directory should be returned. This fixes various free-space dependent operations in Nautilus such as copying files.

Bug reports should be filed in Launchpad at:


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