Gnome Subtitles 0.0.2 has been released
Posted on: 10/07/2006 12:50 PM

Gnome Subtitles 0.0.2 has been released

I'm pleased to announce the second release of Gnome Subtitles.

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What's new?

This release brings you support for the following subtitle formats:
* SubViewer 1.0
* SubViewer 2.0
* MPlayer
* MPlayer 2
* MPSub (both time and frame modes)
* Sub Station Alpha
* Advanced Sub Station Alpha

It also brings you 2 new dialogs. First, a dialog to edit subtitle headers. Second, a dialog to auto-adjust timings based on 2 correct timings (timings means both frames and times). On one hand, you can adjust the whole set of subtitles by using "apply to all". On the other hand, you can adjust just the range of selected subtitles by using "apply to selection".

Other changes include:

* Fix for crash that happened when using the latest version of Mono (
* Use of Gnome's default toolbar style (thanks to Osmo Salomaa)

Last but not least, from this moment on you no longer have to build SubLib separately. SubLib is now bundled with Gnome Subtitles, so all that's required to install it are the simple `./configure' and `make' commands.

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