Posted on: 12/14/2006 06:05 PM

Gnome-speech provides a simple general API for producing text-to-speech (TTS) output. It also provides drivers for several TTS engines, both commercial and open source.

This release is designated for GNOME 2.17/2.18 and also works with GNOME 2.16.

* What's changed for gnome-speech 0.4.7?

* Incorporated gnome-speech driver for Cepstral's Swift engine. Many thanks to Cepstral for providing us with a development kit to do the work!!! There are still some known problems, the main one being that you hear chirps and pops when the speech is interrupted. We have a support request into Cepstral for help with this, and hope to be able to resolve (or at least understand) it before the GNOME 2.18 release.

* Incorporated gnome-speech driver for ViaVoice into sample spec file.

* Incorporated docs from IBM (thanks) regarding how to build RPMs.

* Where can I get it?

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