GNOME Shell Impressions - Trying GNOME 3 on Arch Linux
Posted on: 06/03/2011 11:17 AM

All Things Linux takes a look at GNOME 3 on Arch Linux

GNOME Shell Impressions - Trying GNOME 3 on Arch Linux

Another article about the GNOME Shell. Nothing really to see here, it's just opinion, and yours is as good as mine. If you are bored however, read on.

Recent trials with GNOME 3 using the Fedora Live CD's did not go so well. They always dumped me into fallback mode which is, despite some claiming it to be a solution for GNOME 2 lovers, nowhere near good enough as a tide me over, and it looked unfinished. To be fair these were all before Fedora 15 final arrived, or were built on Fedora 14 but at that time GNOME 3 was still in development.

Today I resolved to give it another go on my spare Arch Linux installation that I keep around for experimenting. It's actually ArchBang 2011.02, and it turned out to be a great base for this kind of endeavour because stuff like File-roller and gvfs is already present, as well as a few nice icon themes and fonts.

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