gnome-settings-daemon 2.21.91 released
Posted on: 02/11/2008 10:02 PM

gnome-settings-daemon 2.21.91 has been released:

- Use a flat directory instead of a hierarchy to install plugins into (Christian Persch) (#513246)
- Don't scan the plugins directory recursively (Christian Persch) (#513246)
- Install the settings plugin to a versioned directory to fix install with libdir == libexecdir (Christan Persch) (#504203)
- Review short and long descriptions for GConf keys (Luca Ferretti) (#514047)
- Don't crash when running the screensaver fails (Jens Granseuer) (#514385)
- Rename src folder to gnome-settings-daemon (Damien Carberry, Jens Granseuer) (#511820)
- Add uninstalled.pc file for building against an uninstalled copy of g-s-d (Damien Carberry, Jens Granseuer) (#511820)
- Add separate checks for libbackground and use external copy (Jens Granseuer)
- Use gnome_settings_daemon for the GConf path (Jens Granseuer) (#514411)
- Release the Glade XML ASAP and keep track of the 2 widgets we need (Jens Granseuer)
- Make sure we return a GError if initialization fails (Jens Granseuer) (#514926)
- Load the XKB settings initially (Matthias Clasen) (#511771)
- Fix leaks (Jens Granseuer)
- Unref the GConfClient only after done with it (Jens Granseuer)
- Check for xinput (Sebastien Bacher) (#514942)
- Fix copy'n'paste error (Jens Granseuer) (#515426)
- Declare variables at the beginning of a block to make older compilers happy (Jens Granseuer)
- Add back support for defining plugin start order (Jens Granseuer)
- Assign return value from g_slist_sort to the plugins list variable (Wouter Bolsterlee) (#515340)
- Replace gnome_vfs usage with GIO (Rodrigo Moya) (#513990)

gnome-settings-daemon 2.21.91 released

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