GNOME Power Manager Version 2.13.92
Posted on: 02/27/2006 12:36 PM

GNOME Power Manager Version 2.13.92 has been released


- Update the yelp screenshots and text.
- Update the gnome-screensaver DBUS methods for new names. Fixes
- Rationalise the icon naming scheme so that we can start to theme
- Add the new UPS charging and discharging icons. Fixes #331117

Power Manager

- Fix detection of button objects. Fixes lp:32447
- Do the critical action as part of a g_timeout, rather than a just a delay so we don't lock the GUI. Fixes #332150
- Describe what we are going to do better, so we don't say we are going to shutdown when we just are going to hibernate.
- Add the new key notify_hal_error to set the policy for HAL failure notifications. Default true to display. Fixes #332440
- Add the new key use_time_for_policy to set the policy for per-time or per-percentage critical and low power actions. Fixes #332055
- Fix the notification for battery when the AC is removed. Fixes #332322
- Only inhibit sleep if we are set to check the CPU load. Fixes #332149
- Add in functionality so that we dim the screen to 30% when the SESSION is idle. Fixes #328564
- Only use the ac_adapter fallback on desktops if use_icon_for_desktops is set. Defaults to false. Fixes #332407

Power Preferences

- Disable widgets if gconf key is marked not writable
- Various HIG fixes (Jaap Haitsma, Crispin Flowerday)

GNOME Power Manager Version 2.13.92

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