GNOME Power Manager 2.18.3
Posted on: 05/14/2007 08:53 PM

GNOME Power Manager is a session daemon that makes it easy to manage the power on your laptop or desktop system.

This stable release contains important fixes since 2.18.2 was released. Distributions should consider upgrading gnome-power-manager via errata packages if possible.

Version 2.18.3

- Fixed #434323, crash in Power Statistics: just launched it for the... (Richard Hughes)
- Fixed #436004, gpm windows/dialogs are shown and hidden and then shown again when they are created (Richard Hughes)
- Fixed #436570, endless loop on startup (Richard Hughes)
- Don't poll quite so frequently to avoid waking up X. (Richard Hughes)
- Don't keep querying DPMS status from X, instead we can cache it. (Richard Hughes)
- Added uninstall rule for gconf schemas. (Wouter Bolsterlee)
- Don't chicken out when brightness access fails in the addon. (Richard Hughes)

- Updated eu: Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio
- Updated et: Priit Laes

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