gnome-plugins 2.15.5
Posted on: 08/24/2006 07:33 PM

gedit-plugins 2.15.3 is available

gedit-plugins is a set of (hopefuly useful) plugins for the GNOME text editor, gedit.


* Changes in 2.15.5

New features and fixes:
- New Code Comment plugin (Alejandro Garcia Castro)
- Update to latest gedit 2.15 API (Jesse van den Kieboom)
- Fix plugin l10n (Steve Fr=E9cinaux)
- Fixes to configure (Jesse van den Kieboom)
- Various fixes.

New and updated translations:
- Clytie Siddall (vi)
- Gabor Kelemen (hu)
- Christophe Merlet (fr)

gnome-plugins 2.15.5 (md5sums: 2b179ca3049025f6dc147073994f1568)

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