gnome-panel 2.9.90
Posted on: 02/08/2005 02:31 PM

gnome-panel 2.9.90 has been released

GNOME panel is, well, the panel in GNOME. You know, the bar you see at the top and at the bottom of your desktop, with menus and lots of applets on it. That's it. That's the panel.

This is the "Objectif 150" release: gnome-panel has got a lot of bug fixing love since we started 2.9.x. There was more than 250 bugs (excluding enhancement requests) at the end of October 2004. Now, we're down to 152 open bugs. Our goal is to have less than 150 open bugs for 2.10.0.

Since gnome-panel 2.9.2, the gnome-panel use the /apps/panel gconf directory to store its settings. The settings that were previously stored in /apps/panel/profiles will be automatically migrated. Since gnome-panel 2.9.2 also, the panel depends on gnome-menus and we should finally enjoy the Desktop Menu Specification. If you don't see any items in the menus, then you probably forgot to set $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS to $(sysconfdir)/xdg

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.


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