gnome-panel 2.10.1
Posted on: 04/04/2005 02:07 AM

gnome-panel 2.10.1 has been released

GNOME panel is, well, the panel in GNOME. You know, the bar you seeat the top and at the bottom of your desktop, with menus and lots of applets on it. That's it. That's the panel.

* Fix crash in the properties dialog when debugging is disabled in GTK+ (Vincent)
* Fix applet appearing twice when added once and the crash happening when removing them (Vincent)
* Fix launchers not appearing in drawers (Vincent)
* Load the correct icon for menu buttons (Vincent)
* Only accept numeric values for the panel size (Pradeep MN)
* Fix tooltip of launcher not appearing when it contains a % (Vincent)
* Don't escape the name and the comments in launchers created by an URI drop (Vincent)
* Fix broken label in the Places menu for GTK+ bookmarks when filenames are not in UTF-8 (Vincent)
* Fix for running applications/open documents with filenames not in UTF-8 in the run dialog (Takao Fujiwara, Vincent)

* Fix compilation on Solaris and some other platforms (Vincent)


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