GNOME Nettool 0.99.3 released
Posted on: 08/30/2004 04:14 PM

GNOME Nettool 0.99.3 has been released

GNOME Nettool is a network information tool which provides user interfaces for some of the most common command line network tools, like ping, whois, traceroute, etc.

It was originally based on Mac OS X's network information tool, but has since then improved over so much that it now clearly exceeds Mac OS X's tool with more features and a better UI.

Version 0.99.3 is feature complete, and will be released as 1.0 after some testing period.

Changes since 0.99.2

- #144364: Crash on exit (William)
- Updated translations:
- bn (Runa)
- bs (Akagic)
- da (Martin)
- el (Nikos)
- eu (I=F1aki)
- fi (Tommi)
- ja (Takeshi)
- ko (Changwoo)
- ms (Hasbullah)
- nb (Kjartan)
- no (Kjartan)
- ta (Jayaradha)


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