Gnome moves to Javascript
Posted on: 02/05/2013 11:18 AM

The Gnome team have decided that Javascript is to be the default language for developing user facing applications.

Gnome moves to Javascript

From Fudzilla:
It was decided that since that no language is perfect and there will always be disagreement the Gnome team should focus on one. The team announced that it was not a decision to abandon any other language bindings. We will continue to distribute other bindings and documentation as we do now and compatibility for the other languages will continue to be developed as they are today by the developers involved with those modules.

However what it is doing is supporting JavaScript as the first class language for GNOME application development. This means that the team will continue to write documentation for other languages, but we will also prioritise JavaScript when deciding what to work on. It will encourage new applications be written in JavaScript.

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