Posted on: 03/22/2004 10:19 AM

gnome-games "Space Monster" 2.6.0 has been released

This is the new stable release of gnome-games. Since the 2.4 series there have been many changes, the highlights are:

- Mahjongg has new layouts, new tilesets and is completely scaleable. It is also faster and shuffling works properly.
- Gnomine has new, improved graphics and a hint function.
- Freecell (the aisleriot version) now has supprot for super-moves and is a lot closer to the stand-alone version in behavior.
- Glines has new graphics and is also completely scaleable.
- Aisleriot now keeps track of statistics on the games you play.
- Gnect has recieved a major upgrade and is now leaner and cleaner.
- For aislriot and blackjack the dialog for changing the card style has been reworked.

Many people have contributed to this release, both for code and artwork. In alphabetical order they are:
Steve Chaplin,
Richard Hoelscher,
John McCann
Callum McKenzie,
Tim Musson,
Rexford Newbould,
Krzysztof Foltman,
Gonzalo Odiard.

You will need the GNOME 2.6 development platform to build this, especially GTK 2.3. It is also desirable to have gettext 0.12. To compile Aisleriot you will need the guile scheme interpreter. For Blackjack and Gnometris you need a C++ compiler.

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