gnome-games 2.17.5
Posted on: 01/08/2007 06:58 PM

This is a new release of gnome-games moving us toward a stable release. Much more work has gone in to the two new games in the gnome-games distribution. Here is a shortended list of changes:

* Gnometris: Always show "Pause" when starting a new game. #391638
* Gnome Sodoku: Fix syntax error introduced by change in #385937
* Gnome Sodoku: Fix crash when closing game with "X": #384684
* Gnome Sodoku: Disable generate options while puzzle generator
is running: #392947
* Gnome Sodoku: Fix three issues with the progress bar in the puzzle
generator: #392616
* Gnome Sodoku: Keep puzzle generator from generating more puzzles
than asked: #392165
* Gnotravex: Enabled colours be default. New colored background.
* Gnotravex: Open high scores dialog on correct page: #391216
* Gnotravex: Quit / New Game with the end-of-game dialog. #316361
* Aisleriot: Integrate Spider shuffle variations into one game.
* Mahjongg: Correctly decode in all locales: #386213
* GLChess: Implement gnome-doc-utils support #369550
* GLChess: Continue UI improvements.
* GLChess: Added hitch to to import PyGTK before GTK.
* GLChess: Bring up dialog about 3D mode if do not have libraries
installed #389371
* Revert update of ggz.h from the latest version to fix Solaris


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