gnome-games 2.17.4
Posted on: 12/19/2006 11:19 AM

This development release of gnome-games contains several new features and bug-fixes, before the string and UI announcement period begins.

Download gnome-games 2.17.4 at:


- Improvements to the configure setup (#384419, #381715, #380249).
- Fix of several bugs in network code (#380250, #381715, #381808,

- Add a new variant of GTali called "Colors", based on the Kismet dice
game. This is accessible either via a preference or a command line
Developed by Geoffrey Buchan (#379224).
- Two user interface improvements, by Thomas Andersen (#137104, #382332).

- Refactored code to make it easier to understand, and add missing
schema entries.

- Remove assumed paths in python files (#382057).
- Enable accidentally disabled GConf support.
- Save window size to configuration.
- Fix incorrect UCI 'position' command.
- Add some initial documentation.
- Rename gnuchess to gnome-gnuchess (#386755).
- Added Fruit and Amundsen engines to autodetect list.
- Tell UCI engines they have 5 mins to play to cause them to take time
choosing moves.
- Dynamically generate about dialog.
- Fix bug loading UCI games.
- Catch exceptions when reading from chess engines.
- Ignore escaped PGN data - this allows the loading of games from the
Knights chess interface.
- HIG fixes (#381580).

Gnome Sudoku:
- Add license to about dialog.
- Remove assumed paths in python files (#382057).

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