gnome-games 2.15.5
Posted on: 07/25/2006 06:35 AM

gnome-games 2.15.5 is now available

This is the first beta release of gnome-games in anticipation of the 2.16 release. The changes in this release consist of bug-fixes, usaility improvements and translations.

- The pause game option now behaves consistently in mahjongg, gnomine, gnibbles and gnometris.
- Improved the desktop file summaries of all games. This change is based on feedback from the usability team.

- Redo the garbage-collection protection code, which should prevent crashes. Aisleriot needs to be thoroughly tested now.
- Fixed bug-buddy invocation from Aisleriot.

- Fixed rendering when animations are disabled.

- Increased contrast between walls and background.

gnome-games 2.15.5

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