gnome-games 2.15.4
Posted on: 07/12/2006 05:02 PM

gnome-games 2.15.4 is now available

This is the final development release of gnome-games before the beta cycle. This is also the first release under the new maintainer, and, as such, it is a bit short on the changes list.

What's new:

- Several games got full screen mode: Blackjack, Gnect, Gnibbles, Gnobots, Gnotravex, Gnotski
- Fixed window icons in: Aisleriot, Gnotski, Iagno, Mahjongg

- Added tootips to toolbar buttons.

- Fix logo in dialog.

- Implement a warning when placing too many markers around a mine.

- Scoreboard changes: use user's first real_name rather than "Human".

Known issues:

- Aisleriot has a crasher bug which has not yet been resolved.

gnome-games 2.15.4

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