gnome-games 2.15.1
Posted on: 04/24/2006 03:35 PM

gnome-games 2.15.1 has been released:

It's that time of release-cycle again. Time for completely new code and completely new bugs. A lot of the work so far has been clean-up work, especially those focused on by the GNOME Goals. Thomas Andersen, Thomas Thurman, Paolo Borelli and Przemys=C5=82aw Grzegorczyk deserve special thanks for their efforts towards these. The other highlights are Avahi support and resizeable graphics in Robots.

My primary goals for this release cycle are to finish the resizing work and to fully migrate all the games to the new high-score system. I would also like to revamp the networking user-interface to make playing games with your friends trivial.

gnome-games 2.15.1

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